Can you help to make next years Loopallu even better by answering a few questions please..

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On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best) please rate:
Line up :
Site layout :
Organisation :
Food & drink :
Toilets & showers :
Campsite :
Atmosphere :
Value for money :
Childrens tent :
Late night fringe :
What was you main reason for coming to Loopallu?
Been Before :
You haven't been before but heard about Loopallu:
Line up in general
You have the festival bug
Its local
You'll find any excuse to come to Ullapool
How did you hear about Loopallu?
Radio (if so, who's show)
National newspaper (specify)
Local newspaper (specify)
Website (specify)
at another festival
Who was your favourite act?
Where in the world have you travelled from?
Elsewhere in the Highlands
Elsewhere in Scotland
Elsewhere in the UK
How far have you travelled (in miles)?
and how did you get here?
What was the best thing about Loopallu?
eek.. and the worse?
Have you been to any other festivals this year?
T in the Park
Other (please specify)
Who would you like to see playing next year?
Did you visit the Literally Literary Tent? And if so, who would you like to see next year?
We have a split in opinion on when we should announce the line-up. Many like us leaving it late in the season as a surprise, whilst other would like an earlier announcement. Which would you prefer?

We're toying with the idea of arena at midday on the Friday. What do you think :
Did you visit the Take On Action, and if so comments please?
Do you think we'll see you back next year?
Did this extend your stay in the area? If Yes, how many days
If Yes, how many days
Any other views...

If you've pictures from Loopallu, please send them to and we'll try and get them up on the site.